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Market Spend Analytics

How does your marketing impact realtime Traffic and Conversions?

Offline Campaigns
TV Campaign Analytics
TV Campaign Analytics

Do you run TV Campaigns? How do you evaluate the impact on web traffic without any click attribution model available online? We can help you find your ROI by using high powered Analytics solutions. We can tell you exact Cost per Visit incurred by spending on different TV Channels in different timelines, Ad slots etc

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Print Campaign Analytics
Print Campaign Analytics

Print campaigns may not have direct correlation on traffic & conversions but an incemental effect over a period of time. That is also affected by various other factors like Page No, Ad Size, City, Ad Type, Weekday etc. We employ sophesticated algorithms to determine the impact of each factor for accurate insights

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Online Campaigns
Digital Campaign Portfolio Optimization

When you run your campaigns across various digital platforms like Adowrds and Facebook, there is a struggle to integrate data from these platforms and analyze the same. What you need a Campaign Portfolio Optimization tool, powered by high end Analytics to give you reccomendations (based on your Campaign Performance) as to how much to invest where. This helps you optimize your spending for maximum return in terms of Traffic , Leads & Conversions.

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Location based Impact
Location based Impact

What is the impact of your marketing by location? Get the impact on Leads and Orders by location

Why work with us?

- Customized Solutions built in close consultation with your team

- Leverage the power of advanced models and Deep Learning for accurate insights

- No tool installation required

- Productized Solution model with Cost Effective mode of delivery

- Free trials offered till the Solutions start adding value to your ecosystem

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About is owned and operated by Data Tree Research, a sole proprietorship owned by Parijat Kumar. Started in 2015, Data Tree Research aims to provide cutting edge solutions for Business in Data Management, Reporting, Advance Analytics and Machine Learning.

About Parijat

Parijat is a Machine Learning expert (including Deep Learning)and a Kaggle enthusiast. He has a track record of producing value impact in terms of Marketing Spend Optimization be it small digital compaigns of $2000 / Month or a complete protfolio of Online and Offline (incl Print and TV) of $250K+ / month.

Before starting Data Tree Research, he has been a pioneer member of Analytics teams in the Corporate and have worked closely with the leadership. With a career spanning 8+ years in various Corporate functions, he has been associated with brands like Persistent Systems & ICICI Bank. He started his career in Consulting in 2011 with Global Research Center for Consulting of Wipro Consulting Services & Sales Analytics Function with Wipro Technologies. He has also led the Analytics team of and during his Corporate Career.

Parijat has done his BE from Pune Institute of Computer Technology, Pune and Post-Graduation from S.P. Jain Institue of Management and Research, Mumbai. He also holds Masters in Information Technology from Virginia Tech Polytechnic and State University, US

Industry Speak

Parijat and his team have added tremendous value to our journey at CaratLane. Their ground-breaking analytical models and insightful conclusions helped us optimise our marketing spends to ensure we got the best impact for our brand. Parijat is very constructive in his approach, is always ready to take up more challenges and exhibits the highest degree of integrity and professionalism while working with clients.
-- Atul Sinha, Senior Vice President(Marketing), (A Tanishq Partnership)

Parijat's work on TV Campaign Analytics and its impact on Web Traffic was commendable. It immensely helped in attribution at a granular level and optimisation of media spends.
-- Calvin John, Director - Brand Management, OnMobile

Mr Parijat's work on analytical reports of our social media campaigns and the data gathered by Google Analytics was very valuable and helped our team to successfully change our strategies to grow the company. His reports also played a significant role in taking a strategic decision of restructuring the company to focus on offline fashion retail.
-- ShriVyshnavi Annush, Founder&Curator, Pookaari

Parijat is a "what can I do more to help drive impact for business" kind of person, constantly looking to learn and add value to self and business. Always eager to take on anything thrown at him, combined with his strong analytical, communication and presentation skills are something that the new generation consultants ought to learn from! I wish him all the best ahead.
-- Ram Konaje, Head of Information Systems (CIO), Sify

Parijat is an excellent resource with hands on experience in Business Consulting and Analytics.
-- Srinath R, Senior Program Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Parijat is my counterpart in Global Sales Operation & Analytics team at Wipro Technologies. I am working closely with him and he has great analytical skills. He is expert in creating analytical templates in spread sheet. He is always focused on getting the task done on time, and at the same time exploring new ways to make the process more efficient.
-- Muralikrishna S, Manager - Sales Enablement & Analytics, Wipro

Thanks. Yesterday I have been able to set things in order and summed piecas together. I close this job with best feedback and I thank you for this job. I am increasing my subject count now
-- Eren Cerman, Professor (Associated), Marmara University

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