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Market Spend Analytics
About Parijat

Parijat has 8+ years of experience of working on Data Mining techniques to solve complex Business Problems and Predictive Modelling. He has worked on projects related to Product Segmentation, Customer Repeat Behavior Study, Sales Forecasting, Demand Forecasting, etc for Service and E-Commerce Companies.

Parijat is a Machine Learning (including Deep Learning) expert and a Kaggle enthusiast. He has a track record of producing valur impact in terms of Marketing Spend Optimization be it small digital compaigns of $2000 / Month or a complete protfolio of Online and Offline (incl Print and TV) of $250K+ / month.

Parijat has been a pioneer member of Analytics teams in the Corporate and have worked closely with the leadership. With a career spanning 8+ years in various Corporate functions, he has been associated with brands like ICICI Bank & Wipro. Parijat has led the Analytics team of and during his Corporate Career.

Parijat has done his BE from Pune Institute of Computer Technology, Pune and Post-Graduation from S.P. Jain Institue of Management and Research, Mumbai. He also holds Masters in Information Technology from Virginia Tech Polytechnic and State University, US

Mr Parijat's work on analytical reports of our social media campaigns and the data gathered by Google Analytics was very valuable and helped our team to successfully change our strategies to grow the company. His reports also played a significant role in taking a strategic decision of restructuring the company to focus on offline fashion retail.
--ShriVyshnavi Annush, Founder&Curator at

Parijat is a "what can I do more to help drive impact for business" kind of person, constantly looking to learn and add value to self and business. Always eager to take on anything thrown at him, combined with his strong analytical, communication and presentation skills are something that the new generation consultants ought to learn from! I wish him all the best ahead.
--Ram Konaje, Head of Information Systems (CIO) at Sify

Parijat is an excellent resource with hands on experience in Business Consulting and Analytics.
-- Srinath R, Senior Program Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Parijat is my counterpart in Global Sales Operation & Analytics team at Wipro Technologies. I am working closely with him and he has great analytical skills.
-- Muralikrishna S, Manager - Sales Enablement and Analytics, Wipro


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About us
About us

Data Tree Research is a Sole Proprietorship firm founded by Parijat Kumar, based out of Pune

We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Hypothesis Testing (Validating various changes, differences in means, ratios etc statistically)
  • Linear Regression (Used for Trend Analysis, Predictive Modelling, Cause and Effect Analysis)
  • Logistic Regression (Used for event Modelling, for e.g. Repeat Customer Behaviour study etc)
  • Decision Trees (Used for classification, Predictive Modelling, Cause and Effect Analysis etc)
  • Association Rule Mining (Mainly used for Market Basket Analysis etc)
  • Random Forests (Used for Predictive Modelling and/or evaluating variable importance etc)
  • Clustering (used for Product, Email, Customer Segmentations etc)


We can work with all/any of your business verticals including Marketing, Operations, Corporate, Finance etc.

We have worked extensively with E-Com clients in the areas of Campaign Analytics for last one and a half years and developed some innovative techniques in the following area:

  • TV Campaign Impact Analysis on Online Traffic: Our major achievement is building the pioneering solution in analyzing TV Campaign Impact on Web traffic of E-Commerce companies.  We evaluate the Impact of various Channels and Programs on Online Visits in terms of Cost/Surged Visit. This is our pioneering solution to the market for analytics of the high cost TV Campaigns by using Advanced Linear Modelling for traffic Surge detection and Cost-Benefit Analysis. We analyze a plethora of parameters like weekday, timeslot, Break No, Ad position, Channel, Program etc. Visit our site:
  • Print & Theatre Campaign: We have built Print Campaign Analytics (on Online Traffic, Online and Store Orders etc) and analyze the impact of parameters like day, city, creative type, Ad size, Page No, etc and Theatre Campaign Analytics based on show timings, weekday, city etc
  • Online Campaign Analytics: Our module helps you identify the best performing Campaigns in terms of Visits, Bounce Rate, and New Users with respect to Scale provided and Cost incurred.
  • Daily Traffic TrendAnalyzer: The Daily TrendAnalyzer module automatically detects and reports any pattern changes in Web Traffic, very useful for monitoring daily online traffic.
  • Order Delay Forecasting(Operations): For Forecasting Expected Delay in Orders currently in the manufacturing Cycle based on current trend, current load, type of product, vendor, past delay histories etc
  • Deal Risk Forecasting (B2B): In the B2B space this solution provides the potential Odds of a deal converting given the history of the delivery of the vendor in the account and the history of Win-Loss in the Vertical, Horizontal and the BDM involved
  • Customer Repeat Analysis(B2C): Factors enhancing the Odds of Repeat of a Customer based on product types, payment modes, browsing behavior, order size etc


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