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Market Spend Analytics
Digital Campaign Portfolio Recommendation Tool

Goal: Prevent Cash Burn by Optimizing your Market Spend

The Goal of this tool will be to Optimize your Marketing Spend. We treat your Marketing Budget as an Investment which should help drive the Business Goals (Traffic, Leads & Conversions) in the most optimal and low risk way.

We aim to bring down your Cost/Unit Return metric by rationalizing your Campaign Portfolio across various Media Spend channels. We help you in

  • ETL: Integrate all the Campaign Data from across platforms, spreadsheets and databases
  • Analytics: Analyze the performance of each Campaign and determine the  expected return on future investment
  • Optimization: Recommend the amount to be invested into each of the Campaigns for minimizing the Cost metrics while ensuring the required performance

Why is this necessary…..


  • Investing in non-performing Campaigns will lead to a higher Cash Burn with diminishing returns
  • This also applies if the Investment Optimization is not done frequently and Non-performing campaigns are allowed to linger and drain investments
  • The Campaigns should work as per the Business Priority and the Budget allocation. For e.g. Choosing the right Campaign Mix to get the desired optimal return on Visits, Carts and Orders is very crucial while planning a budget


Measurment Metrics

Ask yourself


  • What approach do you take for Marketing Budget allocation across Platforms and Campaigns?
  • Are you measuring its impact of your Marketing Spend on various stages of your funnel? How often do you do it?
  • Do you know your Overall Media Channel Level and Campaign Level Cost/Visit, or Cost/Cart Addition or Cost/Order?
  • Do you know how does each of your Campaign perform on the outcome metrics mentioned above?
  • Do you know which Campaigns to invest and what is the Optimal Investment Strategy, given the Campaign Performance across platforms and your Marketing Goals?



ETL: Campaign Data Aggregation

  • Aggregating Campaign data from platforms like
    • Adwords
    • Facebook
    • Google Analytics
    • Spreadsheets
    • Databases
  • Other Platforms can be integrated as per requirements




Performance Analytics

  • Campaign Performance Metrics like
    • Cost / Visit (CPV)
    • Cost / Add-to-Cart (CPA)
    • Cost / Order (CPO)
    • The performance can be based on the overall Average Performance of the Period and the latest Trend Pattern Performance



Impact Measurement

  • Decline in CPV, CPA and CPO figures with time with usage of this product….
  • This translates to rise in Outcome Volume (for e.g. Visits, Carts and Orders) for the same amount invested in the Campaigns
  • Prevents unnecessary cash burn by identifying performers Vs non-performers and makes appropriate recommendation
  • Very helpful for evaluating the Campaign spend on Funnel conversion and building an efficient investment mechanism in the long run
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